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Brush Your Ideas for Magento 2: Product Personalization Made Easy!

This is the demo page of Brush Your Ideas tool for Magento 2 Store owners. If you have recently migrated from Magento 1 store to Magento 2 or are planning to make a transition, our tool will make it extremely easy. Just integrate Brush Your Ideas with your M2 store and enable your customers to unleash their creativity on your products.

The tool is mobile-friendly and enables your customers to design products on the go!

Brush Your Ideas for Magento 2: The Working

Tour around the demo page of Brush Your Ideas product designer and know about all the functionalities you can get through the tool.

Here’s a brief on the features of our product designer tool:
  • Text Tab: With the Text Tab, your customers can easily write text, quote or sentence of any kind. They can choose the type and size of fonts and make the most out of features like shadow text, curve text and text outline.
  • Design Tab: Let your customers browse their favourite design from a huge library of designs and upload a high-quality image (600 Dots Per Inch) from their devices.
  • Change Product: If your customer is not sure about designing a specific product, they can easily change it and apply the same design to any other product of their choice. Switching between two products is extremely easy.
  • Templates: Get an access to a wide range of templates suitable to each category. Admin can also add customized templates specific their business.
  • My Designs: Brush Your Ideas has the “My Designs” section, in which your customers can store their previous design. Whenever your customers revisit the store, they can continue with the designing process.

Integrating Brush Your Ideas to your Magento 2 ecommerce store is a cakewalk! If you want more details about the product, you can write to us!